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Still not over it

Have finished our Merlin rewatch. 5.13 last night and it still broke my heart and made me WEEP just as much as it did the first time. I don't think I will EVER be over it. The love in that episode can be seen from space and it KILLS ME just how much they care for each other.



Vid Rec (Merlin)

You guys. If you love Gwaine (and really, who doesn't?) you NEED to see this amazing vid of destina's. Like RIGHT NOW.

Seriously gorgeous Gwaine-centric vid which has made me all wibbly and teary and I haven't even had my coffee yet :(((



So fucking sick of this sinus infection.



Paperlegends poll!

Leaving this open just in case people who aren't on the filter have ideas. Also, if you do want to be on the filter, let me know.

I have written reincarnation fic before, and this one is going to be very different from the last one, but I am of two minds about the supporting characters, so would love some input.

Please feel free to elaborate in the comments.

Poll #1894267 PaperLegends Poll

When Arthur is reincarnated which of the following do you prefer?

Friends and Family who are OC's
Friends and Family who are characters from Merlin
Arthur to not be named Arthur i.e. Accidental Memory
Something else I will cover in comments
Okay, so I recently wrote this 20k plus Bradley/Colin futurefic and whenever I write anything longish I love to put together a playlist/soundtrack of songs that remind me of characters or moments in the fic.

The lovely sinden has made the most gorgeous cover art for this and it just kills me how much she's managed to capture of Bradley and Colin and the story in this album cover.

Feel free to download if you like or just gaze at the pretty graphics like I have been :)

There be cover art and linkage this way - also, story spoilersCollapse )

The Americans

Has anyone watched this? Come and flail with me in comments!

Spoilers withinCollapse )

*breathes into paper bag*

Also, taking a leaf from nympha_alba's book, please comment if you'd like to be on the Big Bang filter :)
Title: We All Write Our Own Endings
Pairing: Bradley/Colin, Bradley/OMCs, Bradley/OFC, background Colin/OMC
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 23516
Summary: Five years ago after Merlin ended, Bradley headed for LA and success. Homesick and dissatisfied, he returns to the UK and a challenging film project, but he hadn't banked on having to work with the last person he wanted to see: Colin.
Warnings: Futurefic, character bleed.
Notes: Everlasting thanks to my amazing betas: hermette and destina. Also thanks to katie_andrew for audiencing and encouragement.
Also on AO3

We All Write Our Own EndingsCollapse )


F and I have been rewatching Merlin from the start and we just finished Season 3. Good lord the looks between Arthur and Merlin in that episode. I. I. Can't. It feels like intruding on an intimate moment!

I may have fic to post tomorrow. 23k of Bradley/Colin futurefic with FEELS.

How is everyone doing this weekend?

Vid Rec (Merlin/Dr Who Crossover)

OMG you guys this vid. Is. Incredible. I am flailing and weepy and asldkjhalskjhfdsl

Spoilers for 5.13



Hey Merlin fandom, you know that amazing dream we all had about how the showrunner basically enabled the entire fandom and said that Merlin and Arthur loved each other and that their love was pure and the magic reveal was a metaphor for homosexuality?


Title: Everything You Ever
Author: nu_breed
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Arthur/Gwaine/Merlin (brief Merlin/Percival)
Word Count: 1481
Summary: Written for Porn Battle XIV with the prompt Arthur/Gwaine/Merlin, club, shiver, secret
Warning: Contains mentions of recreational drug use

Everything You EverCollapse )


Just got my remix assignment. NOW I'M NERVOUS.


Title: Yet The Man Would At Once Run Away With Your Heart
Author: nu_breed
Rating: R
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Word Count: 3754
Summary: Mordred comes to stay at Avalon Hall and takes a shine to Merlin. Arthur is most unimpressed by this turn of events.
Author's Notes: This is for hermette. I wanted to write her something fun and this Arthur/Merlin futurefic happened, set in her Regency 'verse. Thanks to lemniciate for the beta.

On AO3

Yet The Man Would At Once Run Away With Your HeartCollapse )


You guys. I feel like the luckiest woman in the world today because goss has drawn the most incredible sketch inspired by my 5x13 coda. And it is breathtaking.

I am just stunned.



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