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Fic Masterlist

Okay, so I've been meaning to do one of these for a while and here goes:


At The End Of All Things - PG
Winning isn't everything (except that it is) - NC17
I'll Teach You To Say Please - NC17
That Dust Is Gonna Settle Your Nerves - NC17
Oh Baby I'm a Fool For You - NC17
You Better Put Your Kingdom Up For Sale - NC17
Now I Will Unsettle the Ground Beneath You - NC17
Pornathon Week 1 - NC17
Pornathon Week 3 - NC17
Pornathon Week 4 - NC17
Pornathon Week 5 - NC17
Pornathon Week 7 - NC17
Till the End of Time Together - PG
Yet The Man Would At Once Run Away With Your Heart - R
Turn the Lights Out (the Just Sleeping remix) - R
Tell Me Your Dreams (Am I In Them?) - NC17
Aerist - R
Swallow the Sun - R (also Merlin/Morgana)
The More You Get, the More You Want - NC17 (also Merlin other, Arthur/other)
Oh, Everyday I Start So Great - R (also Arthur/others)
Watched the Pattern Take Form - NC17 (also Arthur/OMC)

Arthur/Merlin, Merlin/Knights
Pornathon Week 2 - NC17
Everybody Take Your Places - NC17

Everything You Ever - NC17

Some Boys Are Bigger Than Others - NC17

Merlin RPS

You're Someone That Should Know Me - NC17
I Need To Go Down Slow - NC17
It Seems I Can't Let Go - NC17
The Art Of Sleeping With - NC17
We All Write Our Own Endings - NC17


Am I On Pause? - NC17
Ficlets - Stage One and Perfect Motion - R
Try Not to Breathe - NC17
Timestamp for Try Not to Breathe, postfic - NC17
I'll Take You On - NC17
Bulletproof... I Wish I Was - NC17 - A companion piece to thenyxie's But Then My Homework Was Never Like This
Tell Me All the Things That I Wanna Hear - NC17 (co-written with thenyxie)
Here to the Left of You - NC17
This Is How It Feels - NC17
Lose Myself - R

Jared/Jensen, Jared/Chris (Hookerfic)
Maybe This - NC17 (co-written with alwayseven)

Jared/Jensen, Jared/Jensen/Chris (Hookerfic sequel)
Trouble Is - NC17

Chad/Chris (Hookerfic timestamp)
Candy Everybody Wants - NC17

These Days - R


Curve Of the Earth - PG13
Beautiful Strange - R
Into the White - R
Timestamp for Into the White, prefic - NC17
Coming Home - R
Smoke and Mirrors - NC17
Smoke and Mirrors Podfic version
Ghost In Your Heart - R
The Next Ten Minutes - R
Into Dust - NC17
Breathing Space - R
What You Reap is What You Sow - R
Someone's Gotta Feel This - R
You'll Follow Me Down - NC17
A Look From You and I Would Fall From Grace - NC17
Whatever He Wants - NC17
Gods of Cruel Design - R

Sam/Lucifer, Sam/Dean implied
Now Inside This Place We Hide Away - NC17

Sam/OFC, Sam/OMC, Sam/Dean implied
Last Exit - R

Sam Gen
Forced Fiction - R

Dean Gen
Offshore - PG13

The Vampire Diaries

So We All Discard Our Souls - NC17
I Can't Stop When It Comes To You - NC17 (co-written with thenyxie)
The World Doesn't Know - NC17
The End is the Beginning is the End - NC17 (also Damon/Stefan/Katherine)


SPN/Heroes 'verse (Sam Winchester/Peter Petrelli)
In A State - NC17
More You Understand - R
Share Of Bitterness - R

SPN/Heroes 'verse (Sam/Dean/Peter Petrelli)
The Special Ones - R

SPN/Friday Night Lights (Possessed!Sam/Matt Saracen)
Weight Of It All - R

Assorted Drabbles

Assorted SPN, CWRPS, SPN/Heroes - PG13 to NC-17
Sam/Dean - PG13
Sam/Dean, Jared/Jensen - PG to R

Gilmore Girls

Chasing Rainbows - NC17

House of Wax

It's Under My Skin But Out of My Hands - R

One Tree Hill

The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning - R

Ten Inch Hero

The Strangest Thing - PG


King Nothing - R

Podfic recordings of other writers' work

have you seen him whom my soul loves by veronamay
5D5D - Otherside by rei_c
The Light'verse by poisontaster

What Looks Like Crazy by hermette
It Happens Like This by hermette

Merlin RPS
Come Crashing In by zarah5
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